Power Electronics Consulting / Custom Power Supply Designs

power conversion parts We serve our business clients as a power electronics consultant and a provider of electronic power solutions and custom power supply designs on an as needed basis. Services include development from specification, analysis, and troubleshooting of existing designs for switch mode and linear supplies.
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The Achille’s Heel of Electronics

Power supply design has often been called the Achille's heel of electronics. Great ideas are borne out of innovation. However, development of the great ideas often hits a stumbling block when it comes to the supply of power. It is responsible for much aggravation, cost overruns, and schedule delay in the development cycle. Find out how to better plan them into your product.
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High Voltage Power Supply Design

True Power Research is a power electronics consultant and provider of high voltage power supply designs. High voltage power supplies and their design one of our specialties. The discipline of high voltage engineering requires specialized knowledge of the interaction of electric fields with material dielectrics.
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Low Ripple Power Supply Design

True Power Research is a power electronics consultant and provider of custom power supply designs. Low ripple power supply design is one of our specialties. It is common for power supplies, particularly of the switch mode type, to inject excessive and undesirable noise not only into the load, but also back into the source, potentially introducing problems in the system. Ripple and noise reduction in AC/DC and DC/DC converters is not as simple as basic filter design. Parasitic elements must always be considered, especially for ultra low ripple and noise requirements.
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Power Electronics Consulting Clients and Portfolio

High Temperature Power Conversion True Power Research's portfolio has designs for commercial, industrial, and military use with experience ranging in output power of one watt to tens of kilowatts, output current in microamps to hundreds of amps, and output voltage from 3.3V to over 100kV.
Power Supply Consulting Clients & Portfolio


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Switching Power Supply Design

True Power Research is a power electronics consultant and provider of custom switching power supply designs. Switching power supplies, also referred to as switch mode power supplies (SMPS) comprise the majority of medium and high power converters today.
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Circuit Simulation

Electric circuit simulation with SPICE and other simulation tools such as SIMPLIS provides an essential verification tool for the development of electronic power supplies. It should not be used as a primary design tool. The design of a power supply must have its foundation in solid design relationships which SPICE and SIMPLIS cannot properly illuminate. However, SPICE and SIMPLIS find their main usage in performance verification of an existing design and for studying the effects of power supply circuit parameters.
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Simulation Models

Our power electronics consulting expertise also extends to developing simulation models. We are capable of developing models for the following simulators: SIMPLIS, SIMetrix, ICAPS, and LTSPICE.

Featured Article Series: Power Supply Primer

Power Supply Schematic True Power Research is developing a series of articles focusing on basic power conversion knowledge for engineers, manufacturers, students, and interested hobbyists. Planned topics are those that an electronics manufacturer might encounter in the course of dialogue with a power electronics engineer. It is our hope that you will benefit from reading these posts.
Power Supply Tutorial for OEMs

The Isolated Power Supply — Current Feature Article

Our current featured article is titled "The Isolated Power Supply". This article covers:
- What is power supply isolation?
- What are the main purposes of power supply isolation?
- What are the methods of power supply isolation?
- What are power supply isolation parasitics?
- How is power supply isolation measured?
The Isolated Power Supply

LED Driver Designs

True Power Research is a power supply consultant providing custom light emitting diode (LED) driver designs. We are skilled in the difficult demands of compact, long life, high temperature environments commonly found with LED applications -- both offline and DC input.

Design Reviews

We provide power supply design review services of new and existing designs for original equipment manufacturers. In general, the design review is a critical milestone task in the development of any engineering project and should be accomplished at the completion of the paper design, and prior to beginning any printed circuit board layout, ordering parts (long lead time parts excepted if the schedule is compressed), or beginning any prototype build.
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