Linear Power Supply Design Expertise for OEM’s

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True Power Research is a power electronics consultant and provider of custom linear power supply designs. Linear power supply designs have been around for many decades and are still preferred over switching power supply designs when input and output noise must be kept to a minimum and weight is not a concern. Linear supplies work by using a “pass element” as a variable resistor to regulate the output, whereas a switching supply decomposes the input energy into packets and then subsequently recomposes the energy packets into the required form. Transient response of linear supply designs is generally better than switching supplies.

We can provide quality custom linear power supply designs according to your specification with power capability up to and over 160 watts for a single output. We have provided custom linear power supply designs with outputs with ultra- quiet line frequency ripple voltage of less than 1mV — great for critical applications such as radar receivers and ultra sensitive measuring equipment.

As part of the linear power supply design package, you will receive complete documentation including power supply schematics, bills of material, magnetic source control drawings, PCB layout, etc. We are also available to provide in-house prototype testing depending upon our resources to support the testing.

Call or email us today for custom linear power supply designs.