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Design of a Universal Offline 160W LED Lamp Driver for Industrial and Marine Use

Client: Lumitec Lighting

Application: Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting

Designed a power supply to convert power with AC input voltage range of 100-295VAC to 76VDC for driving 24 series ultra high brightness LEDs. Power supply ambient temperature was 90C, power supply volume was about 6 cubic inches for a power throughput density of 27 watts per cu. inch. Projected lifetime is 35K hours or greater. Product designed to UL8750 standard for LED luminaries, CISPR 15 for EMI compliance for lighting equipment,  and EN61000-3-2 for harmonic current compliance.

Collaboration in Design of High Power, Hybrid Buck and Boost Supply for Space Craft Solar Panel Power Conversion

Client: Colorado Power Electronics / NASA

Application:  Space Vehicles

SBIR project requirement for two parallel converters to buck or boost power from space craft solar panels from voltage range of 150-300 volts to 150 volts to 500 volts at 5kW each converter.

Redesign of Power Supply for Space Craft Gas Flow Controller

Client: Colorado Power Electronics / NASA

Application:  Space Vehicles

Existing prototype was redesigned to facilitate usage of space qualified components. Existing discrete component pulse width modulated circuit was replaced with space qualified pulse width modulated controller. Design of power supply was simplified and streamlined.

Design of Compact, 500 watt, Single Stage, Bi-Directional Power Flow, AC/DC and DC/AC Converter for Fuel Cell and Battery Charger/Inverter Research With Target Efficiency of 95%.

Client: University of Illinois

Application: Fuel Cell Power / Battery Power Inversion, Micro-Grid Tie

Designed a compact, single stage, bi-directional power flow AC to DC and DC to AC converter using two isolated Cuk Topologies connected in differential mode to convert AC to DC power and DC to AC. AC voltage was 120 volts, DC voltage was 50 volts.

Design of SEPIC Topology for Automotive Computer Power Supply

Client: RevoSys

Application: Automotive

Designed a 6-18 volt input, 12 volt output, 62 watt power supply for automotive computer applications. The supply incorporated protection circuitry for load dump and other common automotive related fault conditions to meet standards SAEJ1113-11 and ISO 7637

Analysis of Dual Active Bridge Topology for Bi-Directional Power Flow

Client: Eetrex Inc.

Application: Automotive

Power supply application was for automotive battery applications where bi-directional power flow was required for inverter and charger applications. Client had problem with current shoot thru on full bridge structure. Problem was modeled on SPICE and it was found to be a MOSFET dv/dt induced problem. MOSFET dead time was found to be excessive causing the MOSFET to not switch at zero voltage. Recommendation was made to reduce dead time to facilitate zero voltage switching.

Design of Multiple Power Supplies for a Deuterium Tritium Neutron Generating Tube

Client: Hunter Well Science

Application: Down Hole Exploration / High Temperature

Client was developing a tool for down hole oil and natural gas exploration employing a deuterium tritium neutron generating tube. Ambient temperature was 160 degrees C. The tube required three power supplies:

  1. Cathode supply with output voltage adjustable from 65 – 95kV
  2. Ion pulser with a peak voltage of 2.5kV, back bias of 1.7kV, and a peak pulse width variable from 50uS to 400uS
  3. Filament power supply

Development of Rack Mount Suite of AC/DC Power Supplies for Radar Receiver Application

Client: ITT

Application: Radar Systems, Military, Low Noise

Designed and tested a suite of seven rackmount variant power supplies for use in a radar receiver application. Two of the variants were switch mode power supplies (SMPS) with output power of about 1kW. The other five of the variants were ultra-low noise (sub millivolt) linear supplies of between 250 and 500 watts. These military qualified units were tested (passed) to the most difficult MIL-STD-461A for EMI conduction and radiation. They also passed other rigorous military environmental standards.

Redesign of EMI Input Filter to Meet DO-160 Requirements

Client: Honeywell

Application: Aircraft, Military

Existing product  for C-5 military transport aircraft grossly failed the DO-160 requirements for EMI. The EMI filter and transformer were redesigned the requirements resulting in successfully passing the requirements.

Supervised Testing of Military Aviation Power Suppy per DO-160 Requirements

Client: Honeywell

Application: Aviation, Military

Successfully tested this military aviation power supply for a C-5 military transport aircraft according to the DO-160 requirements for environmental testing.

Redesigned Inrush Limiting Circuitry for Military Qualified Power Supply

Client: ITT-EDO

Application: Military, Aviation

This power supply had demanding inrush current limiting requirements due to its input voltage configurability demands. The initial design failed to be reliable. The circuit was redesigned with a simpler but more effective approach to limit the inrush current.

Solved Design Issues with a Military Qualified Flyback Converter

Client: Japanese distributor of military products

Application: Military, Aviation

This power supply had numerous design issues causing significant reliability issues. The reliability issues were corrected resulting in a reliable product.

Development of a Series of HV Capacitor Chargers

Client: High Voltage Power Solutions

Application: Industrial, High Voltage

Designed portable capacitor chargers for underground cable fault detection systems. The charger was required to charge the output capacitors with a constant current of 10mA to the user adjustable output voltage of 1 – 12kV and then maintain the charge on the capacitor till the stored energy was discharged into the underground cable. The input voltage was a 24V battery. A second variant was designed to charge to an output voltage of 1 – 4kV with a constant charge current of 35mA. The total charge stored in each case was 500 joules.

Development of a Series of Off The Shelf DC/DC Converters Used for Telecommunications Applications

Client: Calex Mfg.

Application: Telecommunications

Designed a low cost high volume standard product family of DC/DC converter modules. Modules were ultra wide input range of either 9-36 volts or 18-72 volts with output voltages of 3.3, 5, 12, and 15 volt models. Output power was 15 watts in a 1”x2” package.

Development of a Series of Custom 5 Output DC/DC Converters for Line of Sight Radio Applications

Client: Digital Microwave Stratex

Application: Telecomunications

Altium Power Supply InstalledDesigned a low cost high volume custom 5 output converter as the power supply for the Digital Microwave Altium line of sight radio receiver and transmitter for back-haul applications. The input voltage was 18 – 72 volts on one model and 9-36 volts on a second model. Total power output was about 70 watts. Package size was approximately 4”x3”. Due to PCB layout techniques employed, this the output voltages on this power supply were exceptionally clean.

Development of a Quasi Resonant DC/DC Converter for Industrial Automation Applications

Client: Allen Bradley

Application: Industrial Automation, Low Noise

Designed a low noise, low cost, very high volume quasi resonant DC/DC converter for Industrial Automation Control. This power supply was exceptionally quiet due to the zero voltage switching characteristic.

Development of a High Power Amplifier for the Air Force Range Standardization and Automation Program

Client: Harris Corporation

Application: Radar Systems

Project engineer for a 3 megawatt peak pulsed high power amplifier. The amplifier used a high power klystron electron tube which required a cathode voltage of about 130kV along with other supply voltages. The radar application of this amplifier required very clean voltages applied to the klystron and therefore the power supply was a linear type with the high voltage transformer immersed in dielectric oil. These amplifiers have been used to track objects in orbit around the Earth including the Space Shuttle.

Designed High Power Amplifier

Client: Georgia Tech Research Institute

Application: Military Training

Project engineer for a 50kW peak pulsed power s-band high power amplifier used in a mobile threat simulation platform for training of military aircraft pilots. The amplifier used a crossed field amplifier (CFA) which required a constant current pulse into the cathode resulting in a cathode voltage on the order 17kV.

Designed High Power L-Band Amplifier

Client: US Government

Application:  Radar Systems

Project engineer for a 50kW peak L-band high power amplifier used in space object tracking.

Designed High Power High Voltage Test Set for Millimeter Wave Traveling Wave Tubes

Client: US Air Force

Application: Inter-Satellite Communication

Designed a traveling wave tube (TWT) test set for TWT’s operating in the millimeter wave band. Cathode voltage for these tubes was about 50kV.