Low Noise Power Supply Design

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True Power Research is a power electronics consultant and provider of custom low noise power supply designs, also commonly referred to as low ripple power supply designs. Low noise power supply design is one of our specialties. It is common for power supplies, particularly of the switch mode type, to inject excessive and undesirable noise not only into the load, but also back into the source, potentially introducing problems in the system. Ripple and noise reduction in AC/DC and DC/DC converters is not as simple as basic filter design. Parasitic elements must always be considered, especially for ultra low ripple and noise requirements.

Noise In Switching Supplies

Wide bandwidth noise at the input and outputs of switching power supplies is partially caused by parasitic capacitance and inductance. Additionally, poor PCB layout techniques and improper ground referencing schemes for the control circuitry can introduce minor instabilities in the control loop, resulting in unexpected medium and low frequency noise on the outputs. We have a proven track record of producing low noise switching power supply designs with pleasingly clean outputs and with minimal wide bandwidth noise.

Noise In Linear Supplies

Surprisingly, poor PCB layout can also have a detrimental effect in linear power converters, even though there are no high frequency switching components. As in the switching converter, it is possible to corrupt the performance of the control circuitry when the PCB layout is taken for granted. Using proper ground referencing, and adequate loop gain, ultra-low noise/ripple linear power supplies with peak to peak ripple of less than 1mV and output power in the hundreds of watts have been achieved with excellent transient response.These designs are perfect for powering ultra-sensitive monitoring electronics such as radar receiver applications and measurement equipment.

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