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True Power Research is a power electronics consultant and provider of custom power supply designs. Power supply specs writing is a system task requiring careful planning. Power supplies, also referred to as power converters or just converters, are part of a larger system which includes the load, and the source, and all three system components must work together in harmony, or the system will fail to perform as desired. The following image graphically represents the relationship of these three major system components. Note the interactions between each component.Power Supply As Part of a System

Both the source and the load characteristics can adversely affect the performance of the converter. Conversely, the converter can adversely affect the qualities of the source and load. Additionally, the load affects the source and vice-versa. So, power supplies are not perfect black boxes and they must be thoughtfully integrated into the system, rather than be an afterthought.

A good set of power supply specs will facilitate a good design, making all of these effects small or negligible.  For our client’s convenience, and to facilitate communication, we provide the following form/document to assist with gathering as much of the important specification requirements as possible.

Applications and Specifications Requirements Form.pdf

Applications and Specifications Requirements Form.doc

Please download, complete, and email or fax one of the above versions of the document to us.

email to: Bob@TruePowerResearch.com

fax to:  (815) 717-9380

We has over 20 years of experience in power electronics and we can help you with power supply specs development suitable for your system. Please call or email us with your requirements.