Power Supply Design Engineering, Consulting, and Contracting

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Power Supply Design Example

True Power Research provides power electronics consulting and power supply design expertise.

We develop new linear and switching designs according to your requirements. True Power Research also provides expertise in support of your existing designs.

We commit to designing with integrity, with a goal of producing an excellent product.

Our power supply design services include but are not limited to:

If your need is not listed above please call us at 970-670-0040.

Altium Designer Tools

We are now using the Altium Designer tools for power supply design. Altium provides in one unified environment all of the basic tools needed for electronic product development:

  • Schematic capture,
  • Electric circuit simulation,
  • Streamlined component management updated with component distributor cost and availability data,
  • Bill of materials creation,
  • PCB layout tools,
  • Mechanical packaging tools,
  • Streamlined release to manufacturing,
  • Collaboration tools for easy transfer of work to and from clients.

With this tool set, we can provide all of the basic design tasks for power supply design.


If a client’s needs requires exploratory research and feasibility studies, we are prepared to do the leg work and provide the results in reports tailored for the client.

Typical report organization are as follows:

  1. Statement of problems to be solved or questions to be answered.
  2. Description of methods of investigation.
  3. Observations and findings made during investigation.
  4. Drawing of conclusions based on observations and findings.


We are ready to design power supplies customized for your needs.

  1. All requirements are carefully reviewed and clarified with the customer.
  2. A design approach is selected, implementing a suitable topology to achieve the design requirements.
  3. Major component values are identified.
  4. Simulation techniques are employed to verify the design approach.
  5. Circuit details are fleshed out and a schematic diagram will be created, followed by a generation of a bill of materials, magnetics control drawings, and printed circuit board layout. If there are any other documents required for initial manufacturing, they will be created as well.


At True Power Research, we have the ability to test prototypes and trouble shoot existing designs depending upon the requirements for testing the unit according to it capabilities.

  1. Assembled prototypes are carefully examined for manufacturing errors.
  2. Power is carefully applied with testing progressing to exercising all aspects of required performance.
  3. When it is deemed that the prototype units satisfy the product requirements, the design documentation is finalized and released to the client along with prototype samples.

Call or email us today for power electronics consulting and custom power supply design.