SMPS Design Expertise for OEM’s

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True Power Research is a power electronics consultant and provider of custom switching power supply designs. Switching power supply designs, also referred to as switch mode power supply designs (SMPS), comprise the majority of medium and high power converters today.

Switching Power Supply Design Types and Topologies

We provide expert custom switching power supply design services and solutions for high frequency and high efficiency SMPS converters to meet your power supply needs for compact volume and large power throughput according to your input, output, and environmental specifications. Whether your needs are for AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC, or AC/AC conversion, we are ready to help you with your requirements. We can provide isolated and non-isolated designs, step-up, step-down, step-up and step-down designs, with single or multiple outputs. We are ready to meet requirements for harmonic reduction and power factor correction as well as designing input filtering to meet regulatory EMI requirements such as EN61000-3-2, Mil-Std-461, and DO-160 req. We have experience with the following topologies used in switching power supply designs:

  • Buck Converter
  • Boost Converter
  • Forward Converter
  • Push-Pull Converter
  • Full Bridge Converter
  • Half Bridge Converter
  • Current Fed Push Pull Converter
  • Current Fed Full Bridge Converter
  • Phase Shifted Full Bridge Converter
  • Flyback Converter
  • Cuk Converter
  • SEPIC Converter

Additionally, we have experience with zero voltage switching techniques for enhanced power supply efficiency, MOSFET switch stress reduction, and noise reduction. As part of the switching power supply design package, you will receive complete documentation including power supply schematics, bills of material, magnetic source control drawings, PCB layout, etc. We are also available to provide in-house prototype testing depending upon our resources to support the testing.

Low Noise and Ripple Designs

Switching power supplies are prone to wide bandwidth noise generation due to switching times in the tens of nanoseconds. One of our special skills is the design of power supplies with low wide bandwidth noise and low ripple. Please see our low noise power supplies web page for more information.

Call or email us today about your requirements for design of switching power supplies!