Power Transformer Design Expertise for OEM’s

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True Power Research is a power electronics consultant and provider of custom power supply designs.

Transformer Designing

Transformer designing is often considered the heart of developing switching power supplies. Any power converter requiring isolation or large step up or step down ratios will need a transformer, and these transformers are almost always custom magnetics designs.

Transformers in a switching converter usually switch at high frequencies anywhere from 20kHz up to and beyond 1MHz. At these high frequencies, thoughtful transformer design is critical to the satisfactory performance of the power supply. Transformer designing is typically an iterative process taking the following effects and parameters into consideration:

  • Turns ratio
  • Core shape
  • Core size
  • Core magnetics material
  • Turns count
  • Flux density
  • Wire size
  • Winding arrangement
  • Leakage inductance
  • Magnetizing inductance
  • Skin effect
  • Proximity effect
  • Secondary capacitance for high voltage outputs
  • Core loss
  • Copper loss
  • Power throughput capability
  • Fringing effect
  • Temperature rise
  • Creepage distances
  • Dielectric strength of materials
  • Shielding requirements
  • And some others

Transformers are actually quite complex, but we have the magnetics experience that you need. Call or email us today for your transformer designing requirements.