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If we don’t have or can’t provide the services, tools, or information that you need, please see our collection of quality links below. Please note that these links are provided for your convenience. We do not accept responsibility for services and/or products provided by them.

Power Electronics Design Websites

  • SMPS
    Lazar Rozenblat’s guide to SMPS switching power supplies for both designers and buyers. Provides circuit design tutorial, schematics, topologies overview, PCB design rules.
  • How2Power
    David Morrison’s webnewsletter, How2Power, brings electrical and electronics engineers extensive and free technical information on power electronics, power conversion, and power management. This site is for engineers who design power supplies and power systems as well as those who simply specify power supplies, power modules, and voltage regulators in various applications.
  • Switching-Mode Power Supply Design
    Jerrold Foutz’s website on switch mode power supply design. This site has switching-mode power supply circuit design problems and solutions with tutorials and resources and tips. A website about power supply design for power supply designers.
  • www.SMPS.com
    Constantin Darius Livescu’s website on Switch Mode Power Supply Design. Tutorials, technical articles, design tips, Switching Power Supply Design, PSpice Simulation.

Electrical Engineering Websites

Power Electronics Consultants


  • Digikey
    Shop DigiKey, distributor of thousands of electronic components and parts from hundreds of trusted suppliers. Find solutions for your technology projects!

Manufacturer’s Representatives

  • First Alliance
    Manufacturer’s representative for a wide range of electronic components. Serving the Rocky Mountain region.